Milan is full of interesting event all year round. One of the favorite thing I love in this city is it offers everyone a chance to visit interesting Museum for free every first Sunday of every month. So our Sunday afternoon was like this. We had lunch at the house of this geek guy who helps my friend a lot in the University. It turned out I also knew his room mate which neither of us expected. So the afternoon was filled with very interesting cultural knowledge exchange. He prepared us a special pasta typical of their region and delicious Lombardy’s red wine. We were talking so much we almost forgot our original plan, that was to go to Armani Museum. Well, all of us prepared as fast as we can as we hurry to make it in time. Finally we arrived, the staff greeted us warmly. They were so kind and helpful as we entered in the museum, and yes we did it!armani-silos

Here are the important details of the Museum:

 Armani Museum is open from Wednesday – Sunday from 11:00 – 19:00.

Ticket prices: 12€ for single entry; 15€ with audio guide; 8,40€ for student

Location: Via Bergognone, 40


 Minimalist style building adorned by beautifully displayed clothes designed by Georgio Armani. As the celebration of 40th Anniversary  in the industry, the founder itself established this Museum last year to showcase his works from the last 40 years. His creations don’t go out of style. Yes, Armani’s style is classy, elegant, and unique. When he said “Elegance is not about being notice, it is about being remembered,” obviously he was so stunningly successful with it.











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