My Decision to go to Italy and that Special Friend

“Jonie, after two years you will follow me to Italy!” This was my best friend’s statement before she left our country, that was 2007. After my college graduation exactly 2 years after her promise, I’ve got my ticket ready, visa done and I was off to another part of the world.

May 07, 2009. I have marked my calendar to say goodbye to my beloved homeland without knowing when I will return. That date was the first time I took a plane and the same date I said goodbye to the first boy I fell in love with.


 Because I’m going to see my dream place.

Because I want to help my family.

Because this unknown journey excites me.

 I worked as a babysitter, housekeeper, waitress, promoter, host(for Filipino community) and stewardess (every summer). If there was a job position available that I didn’t do yet, I’ll go for it. I look at it as an opportunity to learn something. And I enjoyed every job experience that I did.

 Everyone of us has that special friend that will change our life. Others weren’t given a chance. I’m more than thankful I do.

winter in milan

Our first winter in Milan

summer in sardegna

Our first summer in Sardegna