Psyche is the Goddess of the soul, a rival of Aphrodite(Venus), a devotee of Eros(Amor).

Eros loved her so much. He make her forget all the pain in the world, carrying her to some charming places, over the rocky hill, to a soft meadow full of flowers, where he, unseen and unknown, transporting Psyche by the soft wind every night, and leaving her as soon as the day began to dawn.

Psyche might have continued to have enjoyed without interruption this state of happiness, until her sisters’ words began to put fear in her mind. Filled with envy at the sight of the palace and the riches it contained, her two sisters maliciously convinced Psyche that she was being fooled, that her husband was a fearsome monster, and that she had to escape.

Psyche broke her promise to Eros, never to give way to her curiosity, or to inquire who he was.

One night while Eros was sleeping peacefully Psyche took courage and lit the candle to view his true identity.  A drop of oil from the lamp she held fell on the sleeping god. He woke instantly. He saw his Psyche, he looked at her straight in the eyes feeling betrayed. With great sorrow, he left their bedroom without uttering a single word he spread his wings and flew away.

Psyche’s heart was totally broken.

She attempted to throw herself into a river, she was being saved.

She wandered about from temple to temple, inquiring after her beloved until she reached the palace of Aphrodite and asked the goddess of Love to help her. Aphrodite was still jealous. She pretended to help Psyche, but gave her tasks no mortal could possibly accomplish. Yet, Psyche accomplished task after task.

At last, Aphrodite told Psyche her final task and it was to retrieve a box from the underworld, a very special box filled with magical beauty supplies. With these, she could make herself so beautiful that Eros would fall hopelessly in love with her. Psyche knew she had to die to enter the land of shades where the box was. She was hopeless.

Suddenly, she heard a voice speaking softly in her ear. It warned her of dangers ahead and what she had to do to retrieve the box without dying. She needed to bring the box to Aphrodite without looking inside. Once again, Psyche’s curiosity got the best of her and she opened the box. A foul smelling cloud poured out. Psyche dropped to the ground as if dead.

To save her life, Eros returned to his visible form, and prodded her with the point of a golden arrow. She awoke immediately.

“Psyche, what am I going to do with you? Will you never learn?”

“I have learned,” Psyche said softly. “I’ve learned that I love you.”