taal lake highway

The story behind this shot was like this:
“Jonie there is a Dreamland cafe in Tagaytay that sells unique accessories and your favorite dream catcher. ”
-Oh really, let’s go!!! Do you know how to drive a motor? It will be more fun to explore Tagaytay with a motor!:-)
“Hmmm,. I think so. I just learned, but I never try to drive in the highway. And I have no license. But we can try.”
-Will you not be afraid?
“I love the adrenaline, lets get it on! So we can drop by in the roads with beautiful view”
-Sounds great. Ok. Game!!!

That day was freezing and we were both shaking as we traverse the road. We stopped by in two beautiful coffee shops, trying to kill the cold. And right in this beautiful spot, he crossed the road to the other side of this highway to capture this moment. The Tagaytay lake was slightly covered with fog but it was still very beautiful in our eyes.











The Dreamland Cafe is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But it was close for renovation when we arrived there. How lucky we were huh?! But it didn’t stop us to explore the place from the outside. The store is made of glass wall so we were able to see how it looks like and what they have inside. I love all their hand crafts. The shop really looks like a dream land. They have a collection of dreamcatcher in all sizes and of different quality. The place looks so comfy and the messages on the wall from their guests that have been there are sweet and thoughtful. This place generates good feeling and we cannot wait to return, to go inside and enjoy what they can offer.  🙂

The trip was amazing. And we had the most challenging adventure ever!!!


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