radisson bar

Radisson’s bar

Stayed @ Radisson Blu Hotel

Good location, comfortable rooms, professional staff inside the hotel(Because in the fitness area they are not). No doubt a beautiful 5 star hotel. There is a central bar that gives the ice bar effect at night, very lovely and elegant, with a view of big pool outside. For the breakfast, an option to eat on the ground level which serves variety of delicious food or the breakfast on the rooftop where you can enjoy the view of the city. The large jacuzzi is an oasis of beautiful relaxation. The sauna which is located under the fitness area where you need to pay more is not as how I expected. You need to pass to the chaotic shower cubicle and talk to the old lady that doesn’t speak English. The sauna for male and female is separated. So for a couple who wish to spend a relaxing time here, it’s prohibited. It’s a beautiful Hotel but with it’s price I just expect more.

Eat @ Caru’ cu Bere


I find this place very unique and beautiful. The classical background music, the spiral wooden staircase, beautiful and big chandeliers. It’s just magical. They serve traditional Romanian food. The staff will try to meet your request (very attentive and warm). The place is very full you might wait in the bar area for the table. The show performed by beautiful dancers playing the traditional Romanian music is very entertaining. It might be crowded because no one skips this place.


#Carturesti, the most beautiful bookshop I’ve seen. #Old Princely Court issued by Prince Vlad III Dracula founded in the late 14th Century. #Palace of the Parliament world’s second-largest building by surface area and recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. #Revolution Square A symbol of change after decades of communism and dictatorship one of the most important part of Romanian History. #Old Town the lively atmosphere in the heart of Bucharest that is very different from other place in the city.


Old Princely Court


Vlad kept his prisoners in dungeons beneath the Old Princely Court under the city

vlad remains

Vlad remains were buried here


Romanian Athenaeum


detailed description


off fountains in front of parliament


naked man and the wolf with a scarf




old buildings


Romanian family in Medieval festival


Old Town


street view



Bucharest, and Romania in particular is an interesting city for me mainly because of my interest for Dracula’s story. 🙂 Their former communist Nicolae Ceausescu reminds of that story of our Marcos when people revolt against the dictatorship.

I have romanian friends and mostly they are smart and good looking people. I think it’s because of the mix race with other neighboring European countries. However, it’s unpleasant to see the fountain in the main square being shut down and the trash inside it that smells bad. I wonder the parliament buiding is too big and now they don’t have enough money to maintain it.

I have never seen any other city with so many people that smoke everywhere. (inside the mall and in the taxi)
There are lot of ruined buildings that need money and renovation, they are visible everywhere. I admire the unique design of each shops and restaurants. I find people very helpful. Bucharest is too gray for me, but there are lot of positive energy circulating around the city.


5 thoughts on “Positive energy circulating around the city of Bucharest

  1. I think you may want to rethink the statement “I have romanian friends and mostly they are smart and good looking people. I think it’s because of the mix race with other neighboring European countries”. !?!?!?
    Oh, and the Athenaeum is a concert hall, not a museum.

  2. “I have romanian friends and mostly they are smart and good looking people. I think it’s because of the mix race with other neighboring European countries.”
    So, left on their own, they would be ugly and stupid?

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