After reading a recent article from about keeping a close eye on 10 Italian startups this year, it gives me the idea to list down Italian startups that can be very helpful to anyone wanting to have a great time in Italy.

Below are the new unique Italian startups perfect for tech savvy traveller. 



Headquarters: Rome

For those who want to have the best idea of the cost, route and transportation, wanderio app plans your travel right from your exact location to your exact destination. It shows different transportations you can take like buses, trains and flights. And for those who are environment friendly, it also calculates the CO2 emissions. Travel supposed to be a great experience that’s why Wanderio thinks everything in advance.



Headquarters: Milan

Musement app lets you book your ticket online. Skip the line. Find last minute tickets. User friendly website and hassle free way of discovering your favorite city.


Headquarters: Turin

Thanks to this Italian food sharing initiative that is connecting the locals and guests who are food enthusiasts. Visit the website. Book your dinner with the best Italian chefs or warm Italian hosts and experience the unforgettable Italian dining experience. It’s cheaper than going to Italian fancy restaurant and surely a lot more fun!

chef dovunque

Chef Dovunque

Headquarters: Pago Veiano

Discover the best and traditional Italian recipe with ChefDovunque. They also sell the kit with easy to use instructions complete with quality ingredients. Chef dovunque kit and recipe can be found in selected Italian supermarkets. Amaze your friends back home and cook like a real Italian chef!


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