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Salvatore Ferragamo, Armani, Versace, Lamborghini, Olivetti, Ferrari,  Valentino, Gucci, Roverto Cavalli, and so on – names that have become familiar all over the world.  Italy is the place where fashion trends are started, innovations encouraged and names made. “Made in Italy” is just the best. It’s difficult to disagree, right?

Milan is an industrial area. It takes time to love this city and discover its natural treasures and beautiful secret gardens hidden everywhere. This year “2015” is a big opportunity for me to witness Milan at its best. I witnessed how the city erupts with energy as the Salone del Mobile, the furniture fair started. After my heavy class in the University I went straight away to Lambrate to discover what the creative minds invented for this event. So these are the photos I gathered to give you idea what it’s like to see the “industrial paradise”. 🙂

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