So now I’m enjoying my favourite season. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The leaves on the trees turn yellow, gold, red, and orange. Halloween comes in autumn too, and it is one of my favourite holiday. In my country it was being celebrated in a sacred way. Family members reunite again to go altogether to the cemetery. We bring fresh flowers, candles and food believing that these are simple ways to show our beloved who passed away that they are still remembered. At home TV programs are mostly horror episodes. Candles are lit in many homes in front of the door and every family member should utter a prayer so that our beloved dead will find peace and we pray that they protect and guide us. This holiday is celebrated here in Italy in a very different way. For majority of the people it is like another occasion to party. Children in school dress up to play treat or trick. Most of the shops have tons of decorations for Halloween holiday. Italians seemed to like this celebration and I started to enjoy it that way.

But one of the reason why  I love autumn is the chill in the air, the smell of dried leaves, the anticipation of the holiday season, the mountain views that take your breath away – painted orange, yellow, flame red, the calmness of the morning and the coziness of the early nights. I could go on and on..  and it’s so relaxing just thinking about it.

These are the colours of sunny autumn days I captured two weeks ago. What’s your favourite thing about autumn?