I like to look back at all the wonderful travels I’ve had. Now in the cold winter of Milan I can’t help to wonder where my feet will take me next. I love traveling so much it doesn’t matter which mode of transportation or how difficult it is as long as I’m going to see a new place. One of the toughest ride was the 24 hour bus ride from Warsaw to Copenhagen. Or the 14 hours layover in Beijing. While the vacation with my friends were always economical yet comfortable it’s not easy to organize a trip with them. (We all have regular jobs though it looks like we are just young adults always having fun!) We love that 1-2 hours plane ride and see our city slowly disappear and be covered with clouds. The hot summer vacation in Naples left us sweet and beautiful memories we know we will treasure forever. I’ve been traveling too much I sometimes wake up at night because of jetlag and wondering what city I’m in. 2016 is so special because I’ve never felt so whole. So alive. So free. I thank God for keeping me safe in my journey and continuously giving me the means to be able to travel.

It might be time to start plotting and planning for my next trip but for now I would like to share my 2016 travel experiences at 21 photos!

1. Witnessed the perfect sunset and sunrise in Punta Malabrigo.

2. Enjoyed this paradise with Filipino and Polish friends in El Nido, Palawan.


3. Being amazed how well preserved the old architecture mix with modern skyscrapers in Seoul.


4. Smelled different kinds of roses inside “Rose Garden” in Florence.


5. Had a good glass of wine while admiring a breathe taking view and sunset in Monte Brè.


6. Discovered all the streets and visited traditional mediterranean houses in my all time favourite Malta.


7. Had a long and peaceful walks in beautiful parks of Riga.


8. Made a wish in front of bronze and granite sculpture of little mermaid in Copenhagen.


9. Knowing Sweden by visiting a cultural tour and museums in Stockholm.


10. Crossed beautiful bridges in Warsaw.


11. Felt like a princess with this horse and carriage ride in Krakow.


12. Found cute little dwarfs in Wroclaw.

13. Climbed the breathe taking mountain in St. Moritz


14. Lived like a professional beach bum around crystal blue beach in Ischia.


15. Being able to time travel to the past in the ancient city of Pompei.


16. Felt like a diva with all the beautiful postcard-perfect photos in the spectacular scenery of Positano.


17. Fell inlove with Naples.


18. Had a moment of contemplation in the most peaceful landscape of  Lake Maggiore.


19. Explored every tiny cobblestone road and stopped at the magical viewpoints in indescribable Lisbon.


20. Got an opportunity to slowdown in the fascinating temple in Beijing.

I have been to many beautiful places. But the journey is never over.

Now I am imagining the next trip in my head and at the end of this year I will take a look at the new photos. It already makes me feel excited. Life is good.


4 thoughts on “2016 Top 20 Travel Experience at 21 photos

  1. Gosh wow, how do you manage to travel this much with your regular job, I’m pleasantly surprised!! Your pictures are awesome, and I agree travelling with friends is not only fun and economic as well. Plus your pictures turn out to be great with friends and the trip is more memorable which is evident from your gorgeous pictures 🙂

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