Why some people are successful and others are failure?


Like Bro. Bo Sanchez I asked these questions:

Why some people are successful and others are failures.

Why some people are happy and others unhappy.

Why some people have loving families and others have broken families.

What determines success and failure?

He came up to this conclusion that it’s how we relate to the OS of the universe.

The operating system of the universe is the Law that governs all of reality. Success and failure hang on this one Law. Follow this Law and you’ll succeed. Disregard the Law and you’ll fail.

So what is the OS of the universe?

Are you a believer of Luck or a faithful servant of God? He cited it this way:

  1. LUCK: Some people think luck is the OS of the universe. If good things happen to you, you’re lucky.If bad things happen to you, you’re unlucky.So to be successful, just be lucky!
  2. God: Some believe that the operating system of the entire universe is a capricious, self-centered, immature, insecure God. They don’t call Him by that description but that’s who their God is. He is a Divine Being who sits on the throne, looking for people to reward because they adore Him — or looking for people to punish because they forget Him. So to succeed in life, all you have to do is make this capricious God happy. Don’t anger Him. And perhaps, He’ll throw some rewards in your direction.

Reasons Why Some People Never Succeed

1. Wrong Theology

Some people think that God wants them to remain small. God wants them to remain insignificant. God wants them to remain humble (a distorted definition). Their religion tells them, “Don’t stand out. Don’t create waves. Just follow. Just obey. Just be quiet.”

2. Wrong Psychology

Some people believe they deserve to be small. Some people believe they deserve to be failures. Perhaps because their parents treated them as dirt and not as stars. Or they had some other past trauma.

3. Wrong Strategy

If you have no hope of reaching the top of that ladder, get off that ladder. Why? Because you’ll always be mediocre. You’ll always be average. And in business, average is death. In jobs, average means you’ll be the first one to be retrenched. Even in relationships, average is risky. To be good enough is not enough.

To Be Successful, Follow the Operating System. 

“This is what governs the world. And this is what governs your life.”

The Law of the Harvest.  What you plant, you harvest. What you don’t plant, you don’t harvest. The more you plant, the more you harvest. The less you plant, the less you harvest. If you plant love, you harvest love. If you plant hatred, you harvest hatred, too. Make a decision now to plant today what you want to harvest tomorrow.

How to Harvest More Money? If you want more money, plant value.


“Money is nothing but a symbol of value. So the surest way to increase your income is to increase your value — and share that value with others.

“Whatever you give to the universe, you’ll receive it multiplied.”

Here is an absolute law written in the fabric of the universe. It states, “When you give, you will receive a reward.”Always. No exceptions. Sometimes you’ll have to wait for a long time. But the reward will always come.

This is a law in our universe. You’ll even receive much more than what you gave. This is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. This is 100 percent guaranteed. Here’s the great mystery of life: When you give, you don’t lose. You gain.

I have been his fan ever since I read his book “How To Find Your One True Love.” I’m grateful I am connected to him through his books.

At the back cover, the publisher of the book says read this book and you’ll be very blessed.