Best of the Weekend : Her


Rosielyn our beloved friend turned 30! I’m so excited for her, because we used to share our dreams and plans together. She is loved by all the people around her because well, she’s got the whole package: sexy, super sweet, smart, generous and very hardworking person. I already imagined that her Facebook page will be filled with lots of photos and messages, that her cellphone will notify her nonstop with the greetings from different people all over the world and her boyfriend will prepare a special surprise. Well it turned out actually like that. So I thought I would just like to do something simple that will give opportunity to all of us that are present on that occasion, to leave her a message that she will be able to read the day after when the day is more calm. She used to spoil and love us all the time so this is the best opportunity to show her how thankful we are to have her as our friend.

So here are the snaps of my DIY very custom present.img_8053



She really felt spoiled and loved all week long and she deserved it!

Here are some  of my favourite pictures we snapped during that special day.



FullSizeRender 4.jpg


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Our “I woke up like this” face the day after.

Luca really deserves the best boyfriend award for putting the posters of Rosielyn’s travel on the wall to surprise her as she get back from work on that day!

I really love to feel and witness all this sweetness especially from the people I care about. We had fun, she was overjoyed and that was what we all hoped for.


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