10 Steps to Fall in Love with Ischia in a day

Naples is chaotic and crazy but full of colours and natural attractions. If you may find yourself not having enough time to explore all of its islands: Capri, Procida and Ischia, our personal experience could help you have a smooth day trip memorable experience with this island.

Here are the 10 Steps we did to fall in love with Ischia.

1. Ischia is a fascinating island, but any visitor will fall in love with it more if they find out the story behind the castle, the tower and the creation of modern day Ischia after it survived several natural disasters. I love looking at the photos and gather information online before I plan my itinerary. I love Pinterest for this because it beautifully organised my selected articles and photos in one place. Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 21.41.46.jpg2.  Check and book the boat schedule ahead of time. If you need to go to the port by foot from the metro station it will take more time than you thought. There was no clear sign on the way to the ticket office. We were transferred from port Porta di Massa to Molo Beverello port by bus because there were different types of boat that can take us to the island. We wanted the cheapest one but we had not much time so we took the hydrofoil which was the fastest that took 50min. instead of 1hr and half to reach the island. Here is the english version of the website to book the ticket and see the prices. img_8171


3. The moment we arrived, we explored the beach area in search of food. But there were lots of people everywhere so we ended up in a supermarket. We bought our food, and walked a lot, until we’ve found a peaceful spot where we could relax and appreciate the sparkling blue water of Tyrrhenian sea. FullSizeRender 5.jpg4. We’ve walked admiring the vineyards, colourful flowers, and sometimes stopping by to take a closer look at the craft works typical in Mediterranean landscape. IMG_8161.JPG5. Naples and Ischia are famous for its lemons. It’s really a paradise for lemon lovers like me. We loved that short break in a bar where we would stop to savour the most delicious lemonade ever.  FullSizeRender 6.jpg6. We had mixed emotions as we walked to the majestic Aragon Castle. This castle is the most impressive historical monument of Ischia, stands on a volcanic rock connected to the island by a bridge built in 1438 by Alfonso of Aragon. Vittoria Colonna, an Italian noble who was a close friend to Michelangelo, married here and lived in the castle for almost three decades.img_8176fullsizerender-77. We’ve walked and followed the crowd, sometimes ignoring the map because all those small streets were too pretty to resist.img_8172img_8173img_81758. We took everything slowly like listening to the music on our chosen spot and endured endless picture taking. Why not the colours were just perfect!img_8168fullsizerender-99. As we said goodbye to this island, we immortalised our Ischia memory by capturing my favourite part of the day, the sunset. This is something that anyone who truly knows me can testify to.  And the thought of returning is the sweetest part.img_817910. I’m so excited about the fact that I made a little promise to myself that I will return here and hopefully stay longer. The idea of living like Cleopatra even if it’s only for a day and indulge myself with thermal spas, volcanic mud, and hot springs of this volcanic island made my heart skip a beat – but then, who doesn’t?ischia-island-italy-19-lesser-known-travel-destinations-to-visit-before-you-dieAbove all, I feel so overwhelmed about the fact that I fell in love with this island with my beloved girl friends. When we were here, we didn’t realize we were making such memorable memories of our life time, we just knew we we’re having fun!

Later we found out that the mega-budget historical epic Cleopatra began its filming in Ischia. If you are curious to see a short clip here‘s a link.

Do you have your own favourite island? Do you think we will fall in love with it too?




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