This weekend while everyone is out and busy.

I sit here in reflection of my last week.

Finally we have finished all the strict deadline at the end of the school year.

Had exciting thoughts that will not let me sleep for coming summer travels.

And that night ends off crazier than I could have ever imagined.

Some projects ended, some about to start.

In a city life where we get busy, do million things, hop here and there, move fast, and trying to get efficient, I love this simple moment where I can take a break and escape. Put the phone on airplane mode for a day and just get lost. And yes that’s what we did.

So  three days ago between Lecco and Bellagio, a place not far from Milan. We were off to search the hidden falls. Nature is so therapeutic to the mind, body and soul. It’s so powerful. I’m thankful and blessed for this moment with complete disregard for what has happened in the past or the future events to come.

Right now I’m mentally preparing myself to complete my goal of visiting 13 countries this summer.

I hope you are following along.

Anyway,  ladies and gents, I present to you the beautiful landscape only an hour trip from Milano.


We arrived with this grey weather.


And then suddenly sun starts to show up.


A garden overlooking the lake and those mouth watering dried fish.


I always try to imagine how it’s like to live in a villa with this magnificent view. 




close up view of the dried fish

IMG_3452 2

lovely spot


after walking and climbing here it is


And of course a great way to end an awesome day,..


make a wish,… 5,..4,..


3,.. 2,…



To our amazing journey.






15 thoughts on “Beautiful Landscape – only an hour trip from Milano

  1. Wow! This is definitely the place to travel to when in need of a recharge! My, how pretty it is! I love all of these photos. What an awesome experience you had.

  2. The sun makes such a big difference doesn’t it? I find that our mood is also a reflection of how much light the sun lets through the skies.

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