I made this personal website as a collection of memories which include stories and photos I gathered throughout my journey.

Since I am living in Milan I hope I could share to you what I know  and what I treasure about this special place that is a part of a beautiful country that is very close to my heart. (Italy)

My wish is simple to take you to your dream place before you arrive there.


HOME. You will see my latest posts on the front page.

ABOUT. LoverofLife.co is about sharing all that I discover and learn in my journey. You can follow me in any of my social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and even LinkedIn.

BLOGS. The blog posts are in chronological order. I write about reviews of the places I’ve been, and personal thoughts based on my own experience. If in case you get lost in navigation just click the Lover of Life featured image and you will return to the homepage.

There is a category for every blog post to sort topic such as, MILANO POSTS, after many years living in Italy,  I write about suggestions of what to do and what to see in Milan with a  main focus to continue exploring the city. FOR THE LOVE OF BOOK, notes and highlights of the books that have left the greatest impression on me. FOR THE LOVE OF TRAVEL  One of the reasons I love travel so much is because I truly believe it is the best form of education. At least it has been for myself. I believe that there should be a constitutional amendment forcing people to leave the country at least once a year, to enhance their personal growth.

TRAVELS. You can find photos of the places I have been with more drop-down menus for a detailed story of a specific place.

I try to be the best trying hard tour guide to someone in need. So if it happens that you will be in Milan just drop me a message.

To our amazing journey!