Biking in Milan

One of the best way to enjoy the city is discovering it slowly by walking or to make it more enjoyable by biking.

 It is really difficult to go around Milan with a car. So people here solve that problem by using a bicycle.


Like other  European cities Milan has embraced the public bike sharing concept since 2008. It is becoming very popular because it is environmentally friendly, beneficial for human health and it is cheaper than the 24 hours public transportation pass.

 Things to remember:

  • A credit card is required in order to sign up to the service.

  • You need to return the bike within 2 hours, after which you can just pick another one. If you exceed this time limit for three times your account will be suspended.

  • BikeMi card is issued for free

Rates and subscriptions: daily = 2.5 euros

                                                 weekly = 6 euros

                                                  yearly = 36 euros

8bbe7d_d69708272f154bca90dee076aac4ee4fOn top of these flat fees, you’ll be charged €0.50 for every 30 minutes (following the first free half-hour).

 BikeMi is not just a bicycle rental service, but a real public transport system to be used for short travel.

 For more information visit the BikeMi official website.